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about the artist

Will Staley is a photographer, artist, and writer, currently attending Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, New York where he pursues photography and journalism.


He is interested in exploring the themes of gender, femininity, and sexuality in his images - along with exploring how inclusivity, diversity, and representation can enlighten the art world and, subsequentially, the rest of the world too. Through placing studio lightning in natural environments, Will Staley's images project a unique view of beauty, fashion, and (often) queerness. Through struggling with his own gender identity and putting his want for a new type of image-making into his work, Will has created images that speak to the versatility of gender in reality. Coming from being raised in St. Louis, Missouri to living abroad in Singapore and having the privilege to travel Asia and Europe, his film and street photography work reflects on the dimensions of how people interact with their environments and how environments interact with people - whether that be a person selling lottery tickets in Bangkok, or grafitti paint on a pole in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


If you wish to contact Will Staley to find out more information about employment or book a photoshoot with him, fill out your information below. 

Photo by Elena Saviano

Juried Group Exhibitions 

(August 17th - September 11th, 2022) Picturing New York Group Show 

Soho Photo Gallery, New York, New York

Selected Works

(July 1st - July 31st, 2022) Special Recognition in The 12th Open Art Exhibition

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery


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