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Repetition/Old Things 

For my second mobile device project, I chose the theme of Repetition/Old Things. For Repetition, the photos should have a recurring theme throughout the photograph. For Old Things, they should express time through dirt, lack of color, rust and more. I tried to express both themes throughout these fives photos. 

The first photo is mainly Old Things with the rusted out camera that obviously doesn't work anymore. The angle of the photo being low angle also adds to the theme of Old Things.

The second photo also follows the theme of Old Things because of the lack of color and dirt that covers the stairs and the straight-on angle giving a sense of a time long ago.

The third photo furthermore follows Old Things and the comparison of old things to new things. The old bell juxtaposed onto the new school with a long straight on an angle adds to the theme.

The fourth photo follows the themes of repetition with the bars being horizontal across the photo. The composition is also showing repetition with the straight on the low angle.

The final photo goes back to Old Things with the old part of the school being    

shown through the old tiles and the repetition of the blue chairs being shown as well. 

This photo walk was successful because of my openness to capture any images no matter what the subject was. For example, I was capturing old cameras, bells, and other "normal" items that may seem boring but in actuality tell a great story. One challenge I did face throughout this walk was that I didn't feel the need to take so many pictures. However, I know that this can be very downgrading for me as a photographer because of the fewer photos I take, the less chances I have of getting great photos.  




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