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Shadow World / Street Cred

For my third mobile device project, I chose the theme of Shadow World and Street Cred. For Shadow World, should incorporate shadows into the photo either through silhouettes, darkness, or the manipulation of light. For Street Cred, they should express the element of the street while staying true to it. This means capturing people in a way that isn't making fun of them but rather is appreciating it. I tried to express both themes throughout these five photos. 


The first photo is a mixture between Shadow World and Street Cred with the metal plate on the ground and the metal background adding to the rustic and almost dirty street. Also, the background right has a red car that adds even more to the composition. It shows Shadow World with the shadow from the sunlight creating a perfect 90-degree triangle on the plate which adds good design element to it. For editing, I darkened the contrast, added warmth, and darkened the luminance of the orange. 

The second photo also has a mixture between Shadow World and Street Cred with it mainly being Street Cred, however. It is Street Cred because of the local woman carrying her groceries. This idea of keeping her close to the street compelled me to add some warmth and color to the image. It is Shadow World with her shadow being cast the left and right of her. This is why I added a little contrast to the photo but overall I only cropped the photo and kept the editing the same. 

The third photo furthermore follows a mixture between Shadow World and Street Cred but mainly being Shadow World. It is Shadow World because it is a perfect silhouette but it is also Street Cred. It's Street Cred because the photo's environment is in a local grocery store/flea market outside on the street. For editing, I made the photo colder in order to make the melancholic tone stronger.

The fourth photo again has a mixture between Shadow World and Street Cred. It has Shadow World because of the man creating a silhouette of himself with his back toward the sun but also this photo is Street Cred. It is Street Cred because it shows a local man walking back to his home or work after eating his meal in the Hawker Center. For this photo, I only added some contrast and took out some saturation in order to add to the story.

The final photo is a mixture between Shadow World and Street Cred similar to the last picture with a man creating an own shadowing by walking through the slivers of light in the local area but it also Street Cred. It is Street Cred because it's a man walking down a street in his pajamas. What's more street than that!

This photo walk was successful because of my past experience shooting street photography and my ability to go up to and ask to take their picture or do it in a way that wasn't offensive. This project was a little challenging because of the way the light was such a big role. I use natural light sometimes in my photography but having to shoot natural light in order to create a shadow on places, things, and people was hard. Even though it was a more difficult photo walk, it was successful and I had a lot of fun doing it!


IMG_0387 3.jpg
IMG_0419 2.jpg
IMG_0377 3.JPG
IMG_0407 2.jpg


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