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Reflection / Elongated Foreground

For my fifth and final mobile device project, I chose the theme of Reflection and Elongated Foreground. For Reflection it should be what is says. A reflection. Whether that's in a mirror, tile, or anything else, you should see the photographer or something else reflection in the middle or foreground. For Elongated Foreground, they should showcase showcase the foreground in a way that leads the viewers eyes to the far away middle/background. This could happen by changing the angle of perspective to low or high, or shooting in specific locations such as a theatre or a long hallway.


The first photo is a solely elongated foreground with the chairs leading in a symmetrical way to the next chair and so on. I really liked how the chairs curved so you were able to see all of them in way that is almost abstract and different. I also really liked the Drama Theatre light and the way that it bounces off the plastic chairs. For this photo I got low to the ground in order to make the viewer feel as if they were tiny compared to it. I made barely any edits to this photo.

The second photo follows the first photo with the theme of elongated foreground. While I would have liked in the focus would have stayed throughout the entire photo, I really wanted the foreground with the textured pole to be in focus in order to give the subject some age and meaning. Furthermore, I had to get low to the ground in order to make this photo abstract and make in similar to the first one in the way that viewers see this normal object in a different way. For the edits I increased the exposure and brought down the highlights in order to see the texture more.

The third photo furthermore follows a the theme of Elongated Foreground, but also follows the theme of reflection with the left brick poles being visible in the tiles. I really liked how the elongated foreground made this normal hallway feel spooky and internal. I had to get a lower angle in order to get this photo and I wanted to make sure you could see everything so I kept the point of focus on the horizon. Even though this photo is a little scary I wanted the edits to be brighter so I upped the exposure and shadows in order to give this photo more texture. 

The fourth photo shows me going back to solely elongated foreground with the picture of the pillar leading up to the roof. I really liked this photo because of the way that the texture of the walls keeps the viewers eyes leading up to the many different abstract shapes of the roof. Compared to the second photo. I kept the focus on the background instead of the foreground because I want the viewers eyes to lead up to the roof in a very easy and simple way. For the edits I barely increased the shadows and kept the picture very simple.

The final photo shits the overall theme to solely reflection. I felt like I needed a sole reflection photo and I did this by taking a self portrait in the tiles in between the Drama Theatre and the Auditorium. I really like how the reflection is distorted a bit but you can still see what the point of focus is. I kept the whole middle ground in focus in order to keep a environmental portrait theme. For the edits I made few changes like upping the shadows and the exposure.

This photo walk was successful because of my want to explore what these themes meant and showing a mixture of themes while having some solely single themed photos as well. Even though I lost all of original pictures when I lost my phone, I was able to walk around by myself with no distractions and be able to capture the photos nicely. I played with light and stuck to minimal editing in order to show what normal everyday objects look like with different perspectives in order to fit the themes. One challenge I did have besides losing my photos was I felt a lack of creativity in the begging with my first 20 or so pictures. They were boring and lacked conceptuality. However as I started to use different perspectives everything came together. Great way to end the final mobil device project! 


IMG_0054 2.jpg
IMG_0048 2.jpg
IMG_0049 2.jpg


IMG_0050 2.jpg
IMG_0048 3.jpg
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