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Silhouette Stars

Creating intergalactic images from studio silhouettes  

For this project, I plan on taking pictures of people in a studio setting and only capturing their silhouettes in a different way. After I plan on adding in galactical imagery using After Effects. Therefore, changing the pictures to space pictures while still using fairly simple pictures of people in order to this. I don't use After Effects that much, and I think this project would help with my skills in Photoshop and using After Effects. 
Below are my three images of inspiration for what I am really going to try and capture when I create these images.


I chose this picture as a picture of inspiration because of the great use of lighting by the photographer in order to showcase the model. I want to shoot my silhouettes this way and I hope to use the other two images of inspiration for my After Effects. The fine art here is beautifully composed and displayed. 

I chose this picture as a picture of inspiration because of the background and position of the model in the middle ground. The background looks like natural space with the model somehow fitting in even though she is wearing a tiger sparkle shirt. This is the type of naturalism I hope to envoke and display.

I chose this picture as a picture of inspiration because of the use of after effects and the use of color in order to display the theme I am trying to display throughout my photos. I like the abstract model here and may take one of my pictures similar to this one rather than solely emulating the first photo for my silhouettes.

For my next steps, I plan on using my Nikon D3400 while using my prime 50mm lens in order to capture the beautiful portraits and silhouettes. I also play to use a shot light and a lightbox placed behind the model in order to get the beautiful lighting. I also plan on shooting my photos with plenty of empty widths in order to later add in the space environment. I plan on shooting with Tansy as the sole model and differentiating poses (specifically using the hands in a delicate way in order to show the stars and the universe) and types of photos in order to display a diverse group of photos. I also want to use low angle, high angle, and straight on angle in order to show a differentiating and diverse group of photos. I will switch from horizontal to vertical shots in order to play with the perspective of the model of focus.  I want to shoot these photos the week of September 9th in order to have plenty of time to edit them and re-shoot them if needed. I will need no props because I am only using after effects and will only need 2 lights, Tansy, and my camera.   

Think Tank Feedback 1: 
- Sofia: Create environments using the pictures of the silhouettes 
- Kea-Roy: Use different positions
- Gray: Make sure to use more than one model
Digital Contact Print​​
Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 11.41.54 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 11.39.25 AM.png
I chose the 4 purple circled pictures because of their overall ability to display the silhouette stars theme I am going for.
For the first photo, the juxtaposition of the clear star on top of Tansy is a great way to show the star.
The second photo shows Tansy at a side profile and I like it because of the shadows only over half of the model and still shows the star fully.
The third photo is similar to the second photo yet it shows Tansy at a full-on profile while still keeping the star in the foreground clear. 
The final photo on the bottom row shows the star in an abstract way instead of using Tansy and relates to the inspiration photo.
Think Tank Feedback 2: 
- Sofia:  Try not to have so many dimensions in the photo because it can be hard to focus 
- Kea-Roy: Don't make it so edited and try to make it more natural especially with the stars
- Gray: Important to keep the human aspect in the photos and maybe only have one abstract photo
Editing Technique for One of My Final Photos 
Here is the original image.
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.21.06 PM.png
1. For my first step, I cropped the photo and duplicated my background layer so I didn't corrupt it from the original image and used the adjustment panel in Photoshop and turned down the brightness by -10 and added only 1+ of contrast  
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.10.59 PM.png
2. For my second step, I used the adjustment panel once again and used the black and white option in order to change my photo from color to black and white. As seen below I played with color slides to change the depth, contrast, and greyscale that the black and white option would affect. For example, I changed the blues in my photo -70 because in the original photo her blue sweater is much lighter and I wanted it to be darker.
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.10.49 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.09.38 PM.png
3. For my final step, I wanted to use After Effects in the brush panel in order to add some stary and camera flare to the lightest point of my photos. For this picture, it was the silver gleam on the transparent ball and so I used the photoshop brush I imported from a free website that had star brushes. As seen below I wanted the flare to be very big around 1040 px.
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.11.58 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.12.07 PM.png
After some more brush opacity and final touches, this is my final photo and I chose this photo as one of my final photos because of the composition and juxtaposition of the ball over Tansy's face, giving a more interesting story and mysterious element.
Here is the final photo.
Here are my other 3 final pictures.
I chose this photo because of the composition of the photo and the great separation of the foreground which is the ball, and the background which is Tansy. I really wanted to keep both in focus for the picture so I made the aperture small, but there is still enough separation between the two.
This photo stuck out to me because of the story this photo tells. When I look at this photo I almost see a witch holding up her glass ball seeing the future and the spooky-ness of this photo urged me to edit it and make it a final photo. The large amounts of high white points also make the photo successful.
With all my other photos having a model and following my first couple of inspiration photos, I really wanted to have an abstract picture that was similar to my last inspiration picture and so I chose to shoot only the glass ball and make it into a star with the After Effects. 
Even though I make a new definition of silhouette here and didn't follow the rules of creating a normal silhouette, I think this project was more successful for me than the first project just because I was able to use After Effects in a new way that I never had before. The process of shooting Tansy as my model was extremely successful and it was a great bonding time between us friends. Using the studio was also successful with the help of Mr. Lawrence and being able to use professional lights made this project even better for me. I would have to say the only challenge I did face was some parts of the editing and using the brushes just because they can be fake looking and even though I want them to be obviously edited, I still wanted some sort of realism to them. 
Successes and Challenges
Final Print Document
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