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Teenage Girl In Society

Created by: Natalie Junker from ISKL

in October 28th,2019

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 1.04.19 PM.png
The description of this piece is a digital photograph created from multiple photographs collaged together.
The analysis first picture on the left shows the compositional device of balance with the left side of the frame being filled with the words "Fat-Ugly-Stupid" surrounding the model. However this is balanced by the over-the-shoulder position of the model on the right side of the picture. The mirror cuts the picture in half with the only color being the blue writing. This blue writing leads your eye to the middle bottom picture which is a self portrait of the same model as before. The picture is edited with the exact same color of the writing on the mirror which connects the two pictures together and creates a story all of their own. The overall two pictures create a story of silence and self hatred with the depression color blue. The next photo your eye is lead to is the pink replica of the blue photo above the blue photo. Although this is the same picture the story is different with the color pink bringing on a whole new meaning of femininity and sexuality. This leads the viewer to the final image of the ice bowl and scoop. This picture is opposite from the far left blue picture because it is of an inanimate object and rather is more abstract than straightforward. However it is straightforward because of the words surrounding the bowl and the hands. Even Though the text is much smaller than the far left blue one, it still tells a large yet different story. 
The interpretation of the piece is overall I think these four pictures are different in themselves yet tell an overall story of self hatred, anorexia, and social issues pressing down on the young teenage girl. 
My overall judgement of this piece is that even though the execution of the overall piece could be cleaner, the way that the elements of this photo collage tell a story makes the story very relevant to today's' girls of society.
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